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Pixel Snobbery


Motion Tween Tutorials:

Motion Tween (via Entheos)

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Shape Tween (via Tutorialized)

Shape Tween (via Entheos)

Working with Layers:

Layers (via Entheos)

Looking for More?

More Flash Tutorials at Entheos, Pixel2Life, Tutorialized, and Flash Perfection.

Waking Life

A Scanner Darkly

The Lord of the Rings

*May contain scenes that are inappropriate for school.  Screen in advance. 

Are You Ready?
Play Ball!

Waking Life* : Richard Linklater (2001)

A Scanner Darkly* : Richard Linklater (2006)

The Lord of the Rings : Ralph Bakshi (1978)

Brothers in Arms: Dire Straits

Take On Me: Ah Hah